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           When first exposed to computers and transferring data we were introduced to punched cards then tape, but the advent of the floppy disk gave us much greater storage. The humble disk went from the truly floppy 5 1/4” to the very familiar 3 1/2” rigid cased version in no time and even they increased in capacity over their lifetime. Now-a-days the use of floppy drives has diminished. This happened because their maximum capacity reached its peak.
A new and better way to store and transfer data was created in a USB flash drive/stick. These flash drives are more convenient in transferring data because they can hold a greater amount of data and are more durable than the floppy disk. USB Sticks can hold a huge amount of memory, have no moving part and are also a fraction of the size, is more durable, and most importantly it is easy to use with all computers, with quick and easy installation through the USB ports.
With many of the new facilities on electronic musical instruments requiring more memory storage space we’ve seen manufacturers turn to the USB Stick to  give us access to large files such as audio and the like.

             The ATELIER compresses it’s Registrations to a very small 5 Kilobytes, and with Song (performances) and Rhythm Styles are still relatively small but the need for more memory really kicks in with use of the stick to store Audio and Documents files. The latest AUG USB STICK has a capacity of 2 Gigabytes which in Floppy Disk terms would equate to  1,388 disks. In reality it gives us scope to save “All Things ATELIER” and to build Volume II in our ATELIER Library. Owners of older model ATELIERs can copy Registration, Song and Style files to Floppy Disk using their computers. Audio files however would need to be saved for use on some form of external device as the earlier models cannot access such files.
So much more to play with!
Floppies to Sticks, why?