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The ATELIER Users Group © All Rights Reserved   

The ATELIER Users Group © All Rights Reserved   

Performance files are saved as a pair. The filename ending in '.rsc' contains the track/performance name.

(The '.rsd' file with the same name pairs with the rsc file).

These files can have 12 character names.

These files are proprietary Roland Corporation.

AteliEdit does not alter any part of the file format. Only the internal name is modified. This name consists of 12 or less ASCII characters.

Currently AteliEdit supports only the English character set.

The file type '.upg' contains organ registration settings and is not paired with any other file. UPG files may also be renamed to a maximum of 12 characters only.

NOTE: The name must be 12 characters or less. Also (currently) only RSC, UPG and (MID Midi files 'saved' by an AT series organ) can be renamed.

SMF and WAV file renaming may be included in future versions.

Files of type '.wav' can be played on your computer to preview the track. The computer must have a sound module for this to work.

Use your standard PC volume control to adjust playback volume.

Playback of '.mid' Midi files may be included in a future version. A MIDI sequencer/synthesiser must exist for this to work. (Your sound card/module usually has this).


1. Ensure you BACKUP (copy) all files that you intend to work with using this program.

Whilst all care has been taken to ensure that AteliEdit is error free, its flawless operation is not guaranteed. Unexpected power flicks, viruses etc. may also cause problems. By backing up your registrations and performance files you protect yourself should the files become damaged or deleted.

2. Click on the Browse button icon and locate the folder containing the Atelier files you will be working with.

3. From the list displayed, highlight the file you wish to rename and enter the new name in the provided box.

4. Click 'Rename' to complete the operation.

The file list may also be exported. The exported file is saved in "TAB" delimited format. The file extension is ".tsv" for Tab Separated Values.

Tab separation is ideal for importing into any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

By exporting your file list into Excel etc. you will be able to save and print lists of your registrations and performances.

Updated versions of this program may be found at when available:

Eastern Digital Pty. Ltd. has no affiliation(s) with Roland Corporation. 

Eastern Digital Pty. Ltd. Support: Web Site

The AteliEdit software program can be found in the AUG Software folder on your AUG stick and must be installed on your Windows PC before use. Clicking on the Setup icon in the AteliEdit Folder.

This program is used to display and edit the names of files recognised by Atelier(TM) organs.

A program written and provided by Eastern Digital
Windows PCs show folders using Yellow Icons, where as the ATELIER & Mac Computers use similar Blue ones