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          Ever since the advent of the cassette tape deck we’ve had the ability to easily play along with externally created Audio Tracks. On some home organs of the past the manufacturers even built in a player/recorder to the instruments console. With the advent of the latest range of ATELIER organs from Roland this idea has evolved into something we could only dream of in years gone by.

The current range of ATELIERs have the ability to play what are known as WAV (Wave) files. These are CD quality audio files which can be stored on USB stick or played directly from a commercial CD using a USB independently powered Drive.  What’s more, using the options within the Composer area of the organ we can Transpose the Key of a Recording, Centre Cancel many Vocals and with the Artist Edition Upgrade models even slow or speed up a track (without effecting pitch). Further you can even record an audio performance.

Using available software like iTunes you can convert a standard CD track to a WAV file, save it to a USB stick and play to your heart’s content, and it’s great fun!!! AUG members can find out how by clicking on the link below.
The ATELIER & Audio
Audio (Members Only)
Click on the iTunes LOGO
To find out how to use Free Software from Apple to Create WAV files.
Windows PCs show folders using Yellow Icons, where as the ATELIER & Mac Computers use similar Blue ones